MCHECK Mold Removal

The MCheck Collection and Analysis Kit was developed by our team of microbiologists to detect 16 fungal species associated with water damage according to studies conducted by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) of United States. Of the 16 fungal species selected, nine species have the ability to produce toxins that can seriously affect the health of occupants. However, even dead and fragmented by a mechanical action, molds and fungal particles remain harmful. In addition, the traditional methods of sampling and analyzing molds by microscopy and / or culture are very limited in terms of representativeness and sensitivity. The MCheck Collection and Analysis Kit addresses these limitations through the use of state-of-the-art genetic analysis using Polymerasic Chain Reaction (PCR).

What is real-time PCR?

Real-time PCR is a highly sensitive and fast molecular approach that allows real-time monitoring of the DNA amplification process of the organisms of interest, even if they are present at very low levels. The presence of amplification means that there is presence of the target organism, while the absence of amplification means that the organism is absent from the sample.

What are the benefits of MCheck

The MCheck service offers several advantages:

  • Detection of 16 fungal species associated with water damage of which 9 species produce toxins (toxigenic)
  • Quick results (same day if needed)
  • Sensitive results (detection of small amounts of DNA equivalent to a few cells)
  • Samples do not require any special handling or storage conditions
  • Analysis results

The Certificate of Analysis reports the presence or absence of each of the 16 fungal species indicative of water damage. The presence of a species of mold is highlighted by a color code reflecting the toxigenic potential of the species detected. The certificate is accompanied by a microbiological lexicon providing information about the species detected.

The MCheck analysis results serve as indicators of a potential fungal problem. To confirm the presence or absence of a problem

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