Sampling for subsidence

Inspec-Thor Services Inc. are proud to work in collaboration with Prétech.

Prétech is a firm specializing in the implantation of dark pile piles for new construction, building stabilization and foundation reinforcement.

Some foundation issues are usually not visible or poorly known by your potential buyers. It is important to have your foundations inspected by specialists before buying or selling your property. It’s a cost-effective way to ensure you eliminate the risk of litigation and ensure a safe and sustainable investment

With the foundation of your building as the key element of your investment, it’s important to be able to tell if your foundation is healthy or in danger and to be able to immediately detect future risks for one of the most important investments in your life.

Clay soils, embankments, soil drying and even flooding are likely to cause the most damage ranging from cracks, to serious cracks in the foundation, or worse to cause the general slope of the building.

A crack, or even worse, the slope of a foundation, will worry any owner or future buyer, or even significantly reduce the value of your home. That’s why the Inspec-Thor and Pretech® team will make sure to present you with a solution that will help ensure the stability of your home and your investment.

Some visual signs will help guide you to the right solution, such as:

* Cracks in your concrete foundation;
* Cracks in your concrete floor;
* Cracks in the plaster of your interior walls or junction of your walls;
* The malfunction of your doors and window;
* Ripples in your floors on the ground floor or the floor;
* Water infiltration at your foundations;
* And more others …

Our teams have as their sole objective to give you the best possible diagnosis and to keep your investment to the highest point.

We are proud to work with the Inspec-Thor team for our Residential “Level Reading” services. To know exactly the situation of your investment, a survey of the level of your foundation using a “Zip-Level” type equipment will allow Inspec-Thor and Pretech® to advise you adequately on THE solution adapted to your needs as well as to give you the right time on the present and future situation of your investment.

Do not hesitate to contact us to solidify your investment!

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