Pre-purchased inspection

Non-exhaustive visual inspection of a property done before a real estate transaction to determine the state of the property at the moment of the inspection.

What are the benefits of a home inspection?

  • Have a clear idea of any problems with the building.
  • Have a better idea of the maintenance or renovation work that must be done on the building to make it safer.
  • Have a better idea of the building’s real value and thus be able to negotiate the price accordingly.
  • Be able to assess the level of reliability and security of your new home.
  • Have fair and accurate details from our analysis, through a computerized report with photos that will be given to you after the inspection.

A pre-purchase inspection, gives you peace of mind when buying your property.  


During a pre-purchase inspection, our inspectors check more than 400 components, including:

  • Structure
  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • Attic
  • Exterior walls
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Fenestration
  • etc.