Questions and answers

The “Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (” recommends that your building inspector have an insurance for errors and omissions. Without this, you could be faced with unwanted surprises! An inspector insured for liability is different than a professional liability insurance, errors and omissions. Do not hesitate to ask for written proof before confirming an inspection. All of our building inspectors have a professional liability insurance, errors and omissions, with HUB international

There are only a few recognized associations in Quebec such as the National Building Inspectors and Experts Association (NBIEA) and the Quebec Association of Building Inspectors (AIBQ). If your building inspector is a member of one of these associations, he is a building inspector who attended relevant training and passed rigorous exams to become a member. Many companies have their own association. Beware of frauds!

Understand that thermography is a science, an expertise, only building inspectors who have received accreditation from Snell infrared Canada Certification comply with the ASNT recommendations and requirements. Ask for a proof of accreditation from your building inspector, you are allowed to! At INSPEC-THOR Services, all of our building inspectors have followed a related training with ITM. Our building inspectors use thermographic inspections in a personal capacity and not as a science or an expertise. Therefore, a company certified in thermographic inspections will charge $ 450 for the service; this price excludes the building inspection. Do not be fooled by misrepresentations… ask the right questions!

Though there is no fixed or established price in Quebec, there is a logical price! The recommended price by an association of building inspectors is  500 and more, for a full-foot residence or a two level one… An insured inspector, member of an association, which provides comprehensive reports, with professional ethics, standards and practices, should charge a minimum of $ 500. If your building inspector is charging you less than this price…you should ask questions!