A regular maintenance of your home is the key

Inspecting your home on a regular basis and doing maintenance work is all it takes to protect your investment. Whether you complete work from time to time or tackle many projects at once, it is important to make a habit of it. Establish a routine and you will notice that the tasks are easy to do and do not require that much time. A seasonal maintenance calendar may prevent the most common problems – and the most expensive ones – before they should even occur. If needed, use a camera to take pictures of everything you want to show an expert to seek his opinion, to follow the situation’s development or to serve as a reminder.

After reading the suggestions listed below, you will learn how to protect your investment and what to do to ensure that your home remains a safe and good place to live.

If you do not feel you are able to complete some of the maintenance work described hereafter or if you are missing the required tools (a ladder per example), you might consider hiring someone in the field that could help you.


Seasonal maintenance of a home

Most maintenance activities are seasonal. During fall months, you need to prepare the house for winter, a very demanding season for any building. During winter months, thoroughly follow your regular maintenance schedule and try to identify potential problems in order to take corrective actions as soon as possible. Once spring arrives, it is time to access the damages caused during winter, to proceed with the required repairs and to prepare for warmer weather. During summer, a certain number of maintenance tasks can be done inside as well as outside; repair walkways and steps, painting, inspect the chimney and roof, etc.

Even if most of the maintenance activities are seasonal, you should check regularly a few points throughout the year.

This official guide comes from the Office of Energy Efficiency of Canada and Natural Resources Canada (CMHC site)