Drone inspection services

Are you about to acquire a building or a building? The design of the roof does not allow you to access it to inspect its components? We have the solution to your problems. Our drone inspection services will be able to remedy the situation.

The roof of a building is like the shell of a turtle. It protects the building and the structural components of the building. It is therefore essential to ensure its good condition before the acquisition of the building. So you should never give up on its inspection as a whole.

Our drone inspection services allow you to do the complete inspection, and this in every corner.


The use of this technology can bring you several benefits such as;

  1. Obtaining an overview of the roof and these components,
  2. The accessibility of roofs whose slope is too pronounced and where it is impossible to access,
  3. Protect the integrity of finishing coatings by avoiding circulation


In addition, our certified pilots can perform thermal inspection of your roofs to try to detect thermal breakage, heat loss, water infiltration and other damage to the building’s roof.


Holding Navigation Canada’s advanced pilot certifications, commercial drones registered to Transport Canada standards, our pilots will be able to apply for flight authorizations no matter where the vessel is located and perform a quality inspection to meet your needs.