Certification Farm safety and salubrity

Inspec-thor is the largest home inspection company in Quebec. That’s why Inspec-thor’s inspectors obtained the Farm Safety and Security Certificate. Through our inspections, farmers can have high-performing foreign workers throughout the season.

Here is Farm’s description: “Applying to temporary foreign workers can be an exciting adventure, and the exercise can also be fraught with constraints and complexities.” The use of temporary foreign workers requires a lot of a company: it must meet many conditions and it undertakes to respect important responsibilities, hence the need to surround itself with qualified professionals.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, FERME will support you every step of the way. It may also act as your agent in all your dealings with the provincial and federal governments.

In the first stage of the process, the FERME experts will analyze your needs to understand the basics. Subsequently, your file will be prepared with rigor and care to ensure the effective flow.

No need to be afraid of the many documents to complete: FERME has all the knowledge in the field and its expertise is at the cutting edge of the industry. “

Our certified inspectors